Foxiz v1.9.1 – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine

Download Foxiz v1.9.1 WordPress Theme Free

Foxiz v1.9.1 – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine

Download Foxiz v1.9.1 WordPress Theme Free

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With nearly 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, we understand the importance of ensuring that your website not only looks great, but functions seamlessly across all devices. The theme is designed with a mobile-first approach and fully responsive, ensuring that your website looks and performs flawlessly on all screens.

We’ve carefully tested our theme on a range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and phones.

  • The theme passed Mobile-Friendly Test – by Google.
  • Full-screen mobile menu: This feature provides a clear and intuitive menu structure that adapts seamlessly to any screen size
  • Mobile menu builder: Build your ideal mobile menu with ease using Ruby Template.
  • Live font size adjustment: Improve readability for your visitors, a key feature of newspaper, news magazine and blog websites.
  • Responsive settings: customizable options go beyond just desktop devices, offering complete control over the appearance of your website on mobile and tablet devices as well. Allowing you to tailor your website’s design to your preferences and needs.
  • Flex entry meta: Allows you to customize your website’s appearance on tablets and mobile devices by providing the option to hide entry meta separately for each device.
  • Quick access menu: With Foxiz, you can enable a quick access menu on your website that displays a horizontal scroll bar on mobile and tablet devices.


With Foxiz, you have complete control over the mobile layout of your website’s Elementor blocks, with the ability to switch between list and grid formats for almost every block, regardless of their desktop layout.

Flexibility to customize your featured images to fit any device. This includes the ability to edit the image ratios and width sizes with different values for each device. With this feature, your website’s images will look nice and polished, no matter what device they are being viewed on.


You have complete control over the layout of your post listings. The theme supports up to 7 columns for post listings on all devices, and you can enable border dividers and adjust spacing between elements to create a polished, professional look. Whether your readers are viewing your site on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, your post listings will be optimized for maximum readability and visual appeal.


With Foxiz, your website can provide the best user experience across all devices. One of the features that can enhance mobile and tablet usability is the horizontal scroll bar, which makes it easier for users to navigate through content. With this feature, visitors can simply swipe left or right to view more content, without the need to continuously scroll up and down.

Foxiz provides an intuitive and responsive design that prioritizes user experience on all devices, ensuring that visitors can access your content quickly and easily, no matter what device they are using.


Don’t let your website’s performance suffer because of poor SEO optimization. Choose Foxiz and take advantage of our fully optimized design. Our theme is built to meet the latest SEO best practices and algorithms, so your website can rank higher and attract more organic traffic.

Developed with the latest SEO best practices in mind, it is fully compatible with a range of SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math, SEOPress…

Breadcrumbs are an essential feature of a well-structured website. That’s why Foxiz provides support for Breadcrumbs bar. The theme is fully compatible with Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO Breadcrumb, and Breadcrumb NavXT.

  • Passed Google Lighthouse test tools
  • Support Open Graph meta tags
  • Meets the latest SEO standards and includes microdata markup for article and review posts.
  • provides support for Google SERP and Sitelinks, allowing for improved search engine visibility. You can also add SEO information directly through the Theme Panels, ensuring your website meets SEO standards.


The theme is developed with adherence to WordPress coding standards, ensuring superior performance and compatibility with future updates.

Modular code organization for optimal performance and faster load times when needed, following WordPress coding standards. Not rely on heavy or bloated plugins to achieve its functionality, ensuring fast and efficient performance.

The Foxiz theme has a compact package size of only about 3MB, which makes it easy to install on any hosting plan. Moreover, the theme’s design and functionality can be extended and customized through child themes, and all of its features can be easily overridden to fit your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to create a unique and tailored website without sacrificing performance or convenience.


We understand that website speed is crucial for user experience and SEO. That’s why we meticulously optimize every line of our theme code to be lightweight and fast-loading. Our theme is ready for Core Web Vitals, ensuring your website is easily accessible to your visitors. Foxiz also achieves excellent results on website speed testing tools such as Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GTmetrix, and more. With our optimized code, you can be confident that your website will perform at its best, providing the best experience for your visitors.

  • Preloads both icon fonts and Google fonts to ensure faster loading times and better performance.
  • Fully compatible with popular cache and minify plugins, allowing you to easily optimize your website’s performance.
  • Image crop sizes are supported, enabling you to create or disable any crop size and assign them to the relevant layouts.
  • Optimized CSS without any 3rd party libraries


Supports browser-level image lazy loading, which allows images to be loaded only when they are visible on the screen.

Foxiz allows you to have complete control over lazy loading for both featured images and single content images, as well as Elementor blocks. With Foxiz, you can easily adjust settings for lazy loading to optimize your website’s performance and speed.


You have the flexibility to create any crop size for your images and assign them to specific layouts, ensuring that your visitors only download what they need. This optimized approach helps to reduce load times and improves overall website performance.

  • Define unlimited crop sizes
  • Remove any existed crop sizes save your disk storage space
  • You can assign an individual size for each block to achieve the optimal layout. This way, you can ensure that your images are displayed in the right size.
  • You can adjust the position of the featured image to ensure that the important part of the image is not cut off.

Download Foxiz v1.9.1 – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine

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