StreamTube v2.7.17 – Video WordPress Theme

Download StreamTube v2.7.17 WordPress Theme Free

StreamTube v2.7.17 – Video WordPress Theme Download

Download StreamTube v2.7.17 WordPress Theme Free

StreamTube is exclusively available on Themeforest. Avoid using nulled version, as it is illegal, dangerous, and may contain malware. For a secure, stable, and officially supported experience, kindly consider purchasing the theme here.

StreamTube is the solution for all your video encoding needs in WordPress. With its built-in Automatic Encode Video feature, it uses FFmpeg software to encode your videos into HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format, enabling you to easily embed your videos on other websites just like how you would embed a YouTube video.

In addition, StreamTube makes it effortless to embed videos from other popular platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and any other site that supports the oEmbed protocol or iframe code.

StreamTube also includes a user-friendly Front-End User Dashboard, allowing your members to manage their posts, comments, and profiles without having to access the WordPress backend.

And there’s even more! Get ready to take your video content to the next level with StreamTube.

Feature List

  1. Cloudflare Stream API ready
    1. Auto-sync your videos to the Cloudflare Stream service (Watch Videos)
    2. Live Stream
    3. Auto-generate video thumbnail image
    4. Auto-generate animation (gif) image
    5. Realtime video status detection, works in the background
    6. Auto-publish your uploads after encoding completed
    7. Automatically send a notification to the video author after encoding has been completed or has failed
    8. Auto-enable MP4 Download
  2. Bunny.net Stream API ready (Watch Videos)
    1. Automatically sync your videos with Bunny.net Stream service to deliver an unparalleled video experience to your users.
    2. Auto-generate video thumbnail image
    3. Auto-generate animation (webp) image
    4. Realtime video status detection, works in the background
    5. Auto-organize your uploads into Author name folders
    6. Auto-publish your uploads after encoding completed
    7. Automatically send a notification to the video author after encoding has been completed or has failed
    8. Auto-enable Original Download
  3. Fullwidth and Boxed Layouts
  4. 8 premade homepages
  5. 3 single video templates
  6. Bootstrap 5
  7. Video.js player
    Video.js is a modern video player for delivering high-performance video to browsers, it is a lightweight video player that uses the HTML5 Video tag, CSS3 transitions, it is designed for cross-browser compatibility on any device including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
    1. Share Box
    2. Watermark
    3. Control bar Watermark
    4. Playback Bitrates
    5. VTT Subtitles (Text Tracks)
    6. Four Skins
    7. Quality Selector
    8. Hotkeys
    9. Right Click Blocker
    10. 360 Video
  8. Video Collections
    1. Custom Collections/Playlists (Demo videos)
    2. Watch Later
    3. History
  9. Auto Upnext
  10. Video Advertising
    Enable advertising on your video content, works on StreamTube’s built-in player, supports the VAST standard:
    1. Multiple VAST tags (Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll)
    2. Linear (video) ads
    3. Non linear VAST tags (banner images (gif/jpg/png))
    4. VPAID Ads.
    5. Google Ad Manager
    6. Google AdSense
    7. And Any VAST-compliant ad server
  11. URL Hashing
    Make your video website look more professional and trustworthy
  12. YouTube Importer
    Allows you to import YouTube videos with just a few clicks and provides several options for customization
  13. Member list
  14. Responsive Design
    Fully responsive and beautifully designed
  15. Post Review
    Built-in Review System with unlimited criteria (Demo)
  16. Embed Videos
    Easily embed youtube videos and other video websites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion
  17. Self Hosted Video Files supported
    Allows your users the ability to upload their own video files.
  18. Automatic Video Thumbnails
    Automatic generate video thumbnail image, supports Youtube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted video files.
  19. Automatic Video Transcoding
    Automatic transcode your video files to HLS format using FFmpeg
  20. Video Watermark
  21. Video Encryption
  22. Automatic Video Chapters and Timestamps
    Auto-generates video chapters based on timestamps recognized in post content, similar to YouTube.
  23. Embedding Privacy
    The Embedding Privacy feature prevents unauthorized video embedding, and allows you to block or allow specific domains. Keep your video content secure and exclusively on your website
  24. Front End Posting
  25. Front End User Dashboard
    Allows your users the ability to manage their videos and comments as well as update their profiles.
  26. Custom Avatar
    Allow users to upload their own avatar
  27. Custom Profile Photo
    Allows users to upload their own profile photo
  28. Beautiful User Profile
  29. User Following
    allows users to follow each other.
  30. Post Like Button
    easily allow your members to like videos and manage their liked videos.
  31. AJAX Comment System
    StreamTube supports AJAX loading of comment sections making it’s a very modern and unique WordPress theme, let your members leave comments while watching the video.
  32. Infinite Loading
  33. Search Autocomplete

Download StreamTube v2.7.17 – Video WordPress Theme

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